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Cobre Consolidated Schools
Dr. Candelario Jauregui,
Superintendent Administration Office 537-4500
Cobre Consolidated - Bayard School
100 Park
Bayard,  NM 88023
Cobre High
Jose Carrillo, Principal
P.O. Box 749
(1111 West Central)
Bayard, NM 88023
Phone:(505) 537-4020
Fax:(505) 537-5503
Cobre Consolidated - Central School
600 S Prescott
Santa Clara,  NM 88026 - 9999
Snell Middle
Gena Vega, Principal
P.O. Box 729
(Highway 180)
Bayard, NM 88023
Phone:(505) 537-3359
Fax:(505) 537-3358
Cobre Consolidated - Hurley School
300 Carasco Av
Hurley,  NM 88043
Cobre Consolidated Schools Bayard School Special Education
100 Park
Bayard,  NM 88023
Cobre Consolidated - San Lorenzo School
Mimbres, NM 88045
(505) 536-9348

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